View and post comments

The updated comments system is built on the Google identity platform. If you haven't yet upgraded your channel, find out how to connect to a Google identity to post a comment.
Comments give you an easy way to engage with other people on YouTube. You can view and contribute to the conversation in the comments section of videos and on the Discussion tab of channels (if the channel owner has enabled the Discussion tab).

View comments

  • Comments you care about show first. You’ll see comments at the top of the list from people in your Google+ Circles, from creators, and from popular personalities. Comments with many likes and replies will rank highly as well. Choose Newest First to see the most recent comments instead. Replies are threaded (like Gmail) so you can easily follow conversations.
  • Comments from more places. Google+ posts that link to videos or channels will also appear as comments on YouTube, marked "via Google+".
  • Comment moderation. You can report any comment for spam or abuse. If you're a creator, you can also use comment moderation tools for comments on your videos or your channels.

Post comments

Post a comment
  • Choose who can see your comment. By default, your comment will be public on YouTube. You can also have a more private discussion by sharing your comment just to specific people or Google+ circles. Click Edit to enter the people and circles you want. On mobile apps, tap the field that shows the visibility of your post.
  • Share your comment in more places. You can also share your comment as a post on Google+. Only the people you choose will be able to see the comment on Google+. It will also be visible to them on places such as the Google+ profile or page connected to your channel. If you don't want to share your comment on Google+, just uncheck Also share on Google+ below your comment before posting.
  • Reply to comments. Click Reply beneath a comment to respond to that comment. All replies to a comment are threaded beneath the original comment. They will be visible to the same people and in the same places as the original comment.
  • Use rich text. You can add style to your comment with special tags: *bold* → bold; _italics_ → italics; -strikethrough- → strikethrough
  • Add URLs. You can add a URL to your comment. It will show as a link. YouTube video URLs will show in the comment as a link using the title of the video.
  • More options. Click the arrow in the upper right of a comment you've posted. You can Edit or Delete your comment. Click Disable replies if you'd rather post a standalone comment than start a discussion. Click Disable reshares if you don't want anyone to re-share your comment that was posted on Google+.
  • Notifications. Get notified of replies to your comments with Google notifications, both on your computer and on your mobile devices (you can control this in the notification settings for the Google+ profile or Google+ page connected to your YouTube channel). You can also mention people in your comments to invite them to join the discussion.
YouTube apps for Android and iOS don't yet support all the features of the new comment system. We're working on updating the apps so that you can enjoy these features in your mobile app as well. Features that don't yet work include:
  • Reply
  • Edit or delete
  • Like / dislike
  • Sort by most recent comments
  • Report spam or abuse
  • Disable replies or reshares
  • "Via Google+" label
  • [When signed into a G+ page on Android] Sharing to specific people and circles
In the meantime, you can sign in to the YouTube mobile website from your device's browser to use these features.