Thursday, August 27, 2015

secret spy strike

Neutrino ἠέλιος Phone 
Ilios Helios Ήλιοςwww.iliosloutro.gr528 × 514Search by imageHelios (Ancient Greek: Ἥλιος Hēlios; Latinized as Helius; Ἠέλιος in Homeric Greek) was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology

Man from Mouse.



breathable liquid air

texas french toast

You will all be caught with your diapers down!
That is a promise!
I make you this promise on my mother's head!
For right here, today, standing on the very head of my mother...
which is now on God's green earth..
which everybody who wasn't born in a fuckin' sewer...
ought to know and understand to the very marrow of their bones!
They will invade you in your beds!
They will snatch you from your hot tubs!
They will pluck you right out of your fancy sports cars!
There is nowhere...
absolutely nowhere in this godforsaken valley—
I'm talking about from the range of my voice right here...
clear out to the goddamn Mojave Desert and beyond that—
clear out past Barstow...
and everywhere else in the valley all the way to Arizona.
None of that area will be called a safety zone!
There will be no safety zone!
I can guarantee you the safety zone will be eliminated!
You will all be extradited to the land of no return!
It's a navigation to nowhere!
And if you think that's going to be fun...
you've got another thing comin'.
I may be a slime bucket...
but believe me...
I know that the hell I'm talking about!
I'm not crazy!
And don't say I didn't warn you!
I warned you! I warned all of you!

fear to fail

suffering breeds flavor ( Hillary Maxwell Rough )

grammar language hierarchic 

preventable medical neglect

predicate health outcomes

the new pollution

the smoking debate clears the way for experimentation

appreciate applied ai

a blue water strategy of huge voracity capital