Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Challenge of Ego

Knowledge and Authentic self actualization.

Sanity is Forward

From what shit hole Eden were you robbed from ?

Man Goals.

Man is evolving from animal to greater space.

Individual Identiy in Power.

The major civilizations are synthesizing a world system but what about the individual identity ?
Processes Networks . . . power . . . control . . . compromise.
The directive Rationals (Masterminds and Fieldmarshals) experience stress when their long-range vision is resisted or derailed. They may respond by collecting more and more minute data or by becoming increasingly authoritarian, unaware of how their demands are perceived by others. When confronted with negative consequences in their endeavors, Rationals may experience feelings of incompetence especially if they are not emotionally intelligent. They are frustrated by inefficiency or the perceived illogic of others . . . so what . . . the drones are coming.

Jewish Philosphy

Literacy ( Secret and Applied Knowledge ), Espionage  ( Cult of Judah ) , Sabotage of Identity , Ownership thru Monopoly (Slavery) and Liberation Theology. 

Jewish Slave Colonies.

Baghdad ( Hometown ) > Alexandra > Athens > Venice > London > Amsterdam > New York > San Francisco *NWO > Panama > Singapore > Dubai > Off Shore and World Colonies.

GIUSEPPE MAZZINI lord of Venice and The Human Animal

GIUSEPPE MAZZINI lord of Venice > Lord Palmerston > David Urquhart > Karl Marx

The Control of People and Profit

Agriculture > Cities > First Writings and Division of Labor > Jewish Spy & Slave Cults of Antiquity > Egypt first client state > Greek Logic & Delphi >Roman Empire War/$> Christian & Islamic Cults > Venice Jewish Mercantile Sect > British Empire > Washington DC > Israel > Cold War > NWO > Bipolar World > Military Industrial Complex > Post Modern Identity > Promethean Science and Turing Police State > GMOs and Informatics > Global Social & Economic Hegemony☠

Giuseppe Mancini

Paul Joseph Watson

Southern Vietnam does not exist.

Perception and Profit

The Orb - Toxygene (1997) Video Blocked

The Orb - Toxygene (1997)