Wednesday, December 18, 2013

klepsia κλεψιά greek to learn by stealing and kleftondas by stealth


Norbert Wiener wants zombies.

 Ratio Club was the most intellectually powerful and influential cybernetics grouping in the UK, and many of its members went on to become extremely prominent scientists.

 Ashby wrote down a series of 25 volumes totaling 7,400 pages. In 2003, these journals were given to The British Library, London, and in 2008, they were made available online as The W. Ross Ashby Digital Archive

 W. Ross Ashby's ( pioneer in cybernetics, the study of complex systems ) The Law of Requisite Variety states that "variety can destroy variety".

Money is spent on kinesthesia networked video game sensors.
neuro linguistic programing . . . a society without a free press, civil elections and a legitimate judicial is not a liberal democratic market economy.

WRN and Winamp discontinued.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is Sex Control Possible ?

1/4F 1/5M in the West / Jap/Rus. test states / UK/US users / ancient Sumerian/Greco/Roman power control culture / Tavistock  Fear World Management / "Hollywood" / "Silicon Valley" / "rock n roll" / big divorce / blended families / " Freud " / Safe (2012 film) / Psycho Sexual A/V electronics / Business Management Culture / Systematic Discrimination of various sexual orientations inc. 1.4% of Pedos / Big Education inc.  " Career Girl " / Gay adoption / Big Health / Gay & Pedo Health Profs. / 1% ownership class tool / Dis-empowerment and Exploitation. / Big Law " Magic Circles" / Bush on JFK, MLK, RFK, Reagan, J. Lennon / Orgasm is a Epileptic "Mind Stop" Tech. / Big Sexual Imperialism Class Structures in India / China / Mayans Aztec / Free Porn / Video Game Violence Culture.

3 Year Old Solves Rubik's Cube in 114 seconds

Possible ?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Plan Beta


Plan Alpha

Scientific Oligarchy AI Algorithms 1 /15,000 . . . psychotronics, behavioral drugs, environmental toxification, underworld cities, off-world colonies . . . the new race replaces the hereditary powers . . . within milliseconds by a quanta computer with indigestible organic computing . . . automated wifi long term psychosocial conditioning evolution . . . all fronted by foundation economic surveillance . . . payed by the commodity cartels and managed by a closed culture business fraternities . . . power blocked starved opposition.