Sunday, April 19, 2015

Know they self.

Home Brew Pharmacy

No Overdoses Please

The New Dope


Supertoys Last All Summer Long  And Other Stories of Future Time Brian W Aldiss


Keep talking.

Money sees . . . monkey hates his job.

Some type of Cave.

If this shit wasn't true then I wouldn't do . . . believe you me, caveman . . . kindergarten hot money bored room. 


7/11 . . . Convenience Store.

Books not Wars.

Good thing children are born ignorant, hateful greedy little beasts or Orson Welles and Orwell would just be little beast.

over the target

It looks like by little edits and censors that someone got it right . . . sober again.

ugly little jew

 I think it was the ugly little jews that made the savage babu tribes of europe leave their gay little caves and pick up a book. 


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