Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Political Harassment . . . all using antisocial body language . . . Vanity

Three Contacts.

First: bald lawyer dressed in black waits for two lights crossing then using walking in front surveillance waits for me to pass on the left to turn, first moves to the left then  trying to cut me off from passing again on the right corner.

Two:  an overweight  aged women dressed in black tries to push me into a park bench while walking towards me.

Three:  two aged lesbians cut in front of me trying to exist and slowly walk while talking about being to slow.

 . . . all using antisocial body language . . .

Political Orientation Harassment . . . one lawyer because he pulled a legal trolly, women in black looked butch and the two slow walk and talk dress very similar and were comfortably close.

If they were really concerned about their political power they would fight the electronic surveillance and genetic engineering.

 The Xq28 gene is commonly tested and the fetuses aborted and there is good evidence that the BRAIN Initiative is politically motivated.

Thanks for the jealous moral support but show some courage.

Your political compromises and are your real enemy . . . Vanity.

Imperialist Appetites