Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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NYSE had to steal 14 to 28 trillion of public money to keep the doors open on a contracting 14 trillion illegal racket.

Liberate the New Economy from Death Guilds.

Slavery . . . Billions and Billions served.

Paradigm Shift to a Good Economy.

Old Economy is no good.

Its simple . . . Economics.

The Economy is not Science is Political.

Kings and Queens or Computers ?

People not Problems.

Google is now openly admitting to comment moderation ?

Google age restricts users and invades privacy ?
WordPress engages in tax evasion with theft of accounts ?
Have street people been manipulated in crime by the local authorities ?
Are the US Patent # 20060007222 on your Flat Screen ?
Apple phone only opens with a fingerprint !
Its electronic chains.

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