Thursday, April 23, 2015

Future Exascale Systems

Smoking does help.

Steve Winwood - While You See A Chance


no self respect

first photo did not load

Cryomodule Superconducting Computing

oak ridge national computing center new Superconducting radio frequency looks like a spiders web or tempest in a teapot since 2003

big bad wolf

Scared of T2K ?

you tube spells

sara teasdale - i shall not care . . . at least

Brief Bright Star

Video Poker Blues

spook jam 2015

bet the jet

I Shot Andy Warhol Official Trailer #1 - Jared Harris Movie (1996) HD 




our deepest possibilities

information . . . biotech . . . plasma


The Fly (1986) Trailer 





Existential Liberalism . . . Neglect


The Last Days of Disco 

Post Aids Life

disruptive innovation - good