Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pharo cattle company

Computing the Mind

video host community

america worlds light

. . . next to Holland
new car smell
Not my problem.

Laser Printing Worlds.


Moreton solar wave.

Anyway to link comments to google plus or circles without being betrayed all the time or is it a throw away.

Google deceptive practices.

Google disable and destroy users site with disingenuous and deceptive options and omission . . . where are previous comments work and sites ?

Demand "You Tube" comments returned as intellectual property and an explanation.

 As you can see comments from You Tube have been "disabled" for the last 6 months.

Anything else would be organized criminal piracy.

Google firebrands extermination ?

  1. ... a community individuals organizations accelerate progress technology moonshots hosted Google X innovation lab
  2. . . . Google X, is a semi-secret research and development facility created by Google subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.
  3. Google destroys personal account with deceptive trade practices . . . missing post ?
  4. Shares or comments on your content across the web (for example, your YouTube videos or your blog) was disabled ?
  5. Personal property policy ?
  6. Seems little violent.
  7. Look like the google "IT" clowns are wiping sites, you tube links and personal comments . . . no notification, disclaimers or options . . .
  8. google censors histories
  9. google dumps work
  10. google got weird
  11. black square glitch
  12. Sixth humanity cannibals ?