Monday, October 10, 2016

Dont eat slaves.

     But you cant save something nihilistic in the sense it doesn't sense reality as non cannibals do.  They live in a world of false destructive powers. All Buddhist warn of attachments but like the Catholics and the Jew who were generally a pathetic second to universal power.

      Universal power or real power as taught in the outer cliques was the problematic solution. Mathematics had been clip since the Paris accords during the turn of the 20th Century and an appropriate death tool was required.

     This kabbala would be the 20th Century greatest gift, total attrition of outsiders. Death was not overtly required but the cults of east took hold. Tibet, the ancestral homes of human life in all it misery became the out for the insiders.  The new cult on the upper east side was death over courage and attachments for temporal security.

     This last only a few decades before machines of total coverage were sought. First airplanes appeared and from this grand sweep - the air became the platform for earths final chapters. This lift occurred first in ancient Greece spawning the myths of Icarus. But it was the slave rebellions that made mans mobility a must. Next was the mass public seances achieved through the radio transmission of voice. Shortly after radiation was directly transmitted to control populations and petty addictions replace self character.

      The real power of the 20thC. did not come in the fashion of mobility but the immobility of life itself  as reality became trapped. Biological sciences had disproved the Cannibalistic demands for self satisfaction.  The real challenge was life's mobility itself. Mans fecundancy became the real power of the time.

The modulation of life and its processes were key.

     First general hygiene began to improve, toilets and sewerage removed the location of ones offal to other lands. Second was formal schooling. Third was war itself.

     The final power - war, became so intoxicating that vast sums were required. The largest regimes required pliable labor. This lead to the rapid rise of electrical computation, in which turn lead to the rise of artificial systems that took hold.

The first system were theorized since the Automatons of Hephaestus but like Ctesibius pneumatics pumps would have to wait two millennium before the slave cults sought a purpose.

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